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CVD Materials Corporation, a subsidiary of CVD Equipment

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About CVD Materials Corporation, a subsidiary of CVD Equipment Corporation

We focus on assisting in the Commercialization of Nano Materials, their transformation from Nano to Macro formats and enabling the development of Nano Materials enabled Products.

CVD Materials Corporation engages with its customer on three levels:

  1. Manufacturing of 0D, 1D, 2D and 3D Nano Materials, based both on internally developed know how as well as licensed know how/IP from external partners (universities, small business startups, technology transfers and more).
  2. Transformation of Nano to Macro Materials, i.e. into macroscopic forms of sheets, threads, electrodes, filter media, catalyst media and more which can be used as a subassembly material for product development.
  3. Supporting Product Development incorporating Nano Materials, i.e. Nano enabled Products through CUSTOMIZED Material Process Developments and related Scale-up Equipment Developments (from R&D to Pilot and Production/QC).

Please note that our internal and external teams are also available for contracted CUSTOM Process/
Material/Equipment Developments for those who need more optimized materials than are presently commercially available.

If you are interested in our assistance in helping you Commercialize Your Nano IP/Know-how, please contact us.

Latest News

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Monolayer CVDGraphene™
Vertical Aligned Carbon Nanotubes grown on 2D substrates
Carbon Nanotube Paper

Multilayer CVDGraphene™ on Ni films/Ni coated wafers
Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube Powder
Silicon Nanowires grown on flat substrates
VACNT Powder SiNWs
Low density CVD3DGraphene™
Thin Film Catalysts and Liquid Catalysts
Carbon Nanofibers grown on 3-D surfaces
LD-CVD3DGraphene™ Catalysts CVD3DCNF™
Patterned Carbon Nanotubes
Custom Solutions
HD-CVD3DGraphene™ Patterned CNTs Custom Solutions

Upcoming Shows & Conferences

MS & T15 Materials & Science Technology 2015
Oct 5th to 7th 2015
Greater Columbus Convention Center
Columbus, OH, USA
Booth TBD

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